On New Year’s Eve 2009, we had a huge party!

We said “I do” and celebrated love and family and second chances. We got married at the Women’s Club of Laguna Beach, right by the water and then danced until it turned into 2010! There’s a slideshow showing a handful of the photos we got from our awesome photographer, Michelle.

Some highlights:
We did pretty much everything ourselves with the help of our amazing friends and family so there were quite a few things on my mental list that never got done. I just let those things go and had a good time, but maybe one that I shouldn’t have let go so quickly was labeling the enormous Quinceañera fountain. A delicious lime cocktail was flowing and nobody could tell it was loaded with vodka. It was a solid 45 minutes before we realized that all the little kids had been guzzling it down. Needless to say, I think they all slept pretty well that night. #YoureWelcomeParents!

One of my dearest friends Jenni was a bridesmaid, but our wedding fell on the same week as her family vacation she’d been planning for over a year. I really wanted her with us so I made an almost life-size cardboard version of her for the wedding. She was very popular, as you’ll see in the photos! She is still being fought over at our annual Christmas gift exchange!

Another thing that I forgot was to bring the garter I’d gotten for the garter toss. When they announced it was happening and I couldn’t find it, we improvised and I tucked my underwear I’d had on earlier in the day up in that dress. I’m pretty classy, you guys. So anyway, it gets worse! James tossed them into the crowd and who else would catch them but my 7 year old step son?!!! OMG!! It was bad. I snatched those things back faster than I’d ever moved.

It was a really fun night surrounded by most of our favorite people, and I hope we can recreate that party for our 10 year anni coming up in just a year and a half!