Dates: Saturday July 24 + Saturday August 1 | 9am – 2pm (Both Saturdays)
Ages: 10-16
Cost: $120
Materials Fee: $30
Materials to Bring: If your screen printer has a lap top or ipad they’d like to use to create designs on, please have them bring those along with any tools for it, like a mouse or digital pencil. If they’re not used to making designs and are able, the Camp Create Digital Painting course we are offering would be a great addition for them before the workshop.

NOTE: I have 4 iPads with Procreate, and 4 digital pencils available for screen printers to borrow- If you’d like to borrow one for your artist, please let me know when you register. Here’s current availabilty for those, I will update info as they get reserved:
4 iPads, 4 digital pencils currently available

For the first day of our workshop, we will cover the basics of screenprinting including:
– What is Screen Printing?
– How to create artwork for screen printing
– Screen Counts
– Ink Options
– Design Sizing
– When to Screen Print vs. other printing options
And most importantly… we will actually create a design to screen print the following week!

On the second day of the workshop, we will actually screen print!
Students will learn:
– How to set up their screens
– How to position their garments
– How to flash dry
– How to screen print designs with 2+ colors
– What kind of squeegee to use for their designs
– What temps to use and how to cure ink
– How to clean screens
And most importantly, they’ll get lots of practice screen printing onto garments.

They’ll make a couple tees that I’ll provide for them to keep, but they are also welcome to bring in anything they may already have that they’d like to upcycle and print on on the second day!

Screen Printing is such a great artform, giving kids the opportunity to really express their ideas and creativity onto their own clothing, making them a walking canvas for their art. I can’t wait to help teach your older kids how to get started!