Our Family

The Players:

Veronica Harmonica: The Wife | Mama

Hi! I grew up in Orange County, CA and after moving to Lake Tahoe for some adventures, then San Diego for college and to launch a career, I’m back in Orange County with my own family!

I really love people and adventures, but I’m an introvert and also love being at home with my favorite people. My career is in graphic and web design. I worked at a magazine for 7 years but after having Jett, I couldn’t stand the thought of being away so many hours each day so I took a leap of faith and went out on my own. I’ve been doing contract design work for clients ever since and am SO thankful to be able to work from home.

I also recently started another business called CüffBaby! Fox and I have struggled to get pregnant. I’ll share about that in the blog, but after having our miracle baby Jett, we’ve been unable to get pregnant again and over the last few years our hearts have turned towards adoption as the way to grow our family. I started CüffBaby as a way to make some extra money that we could put aside for that purpose. I love making things with my hands and so it’s been really satisfying to step away from the computer and get to make something creative for kids. Aside from some extra income to fund our dream and the satisfaction I get from being creative, CüffBaby has also been a blessing in an unexpected way! I have met so many amazing mamas and sweet babes through the small shop world I’ve stumbled into. Those relationships forming are as big of a blessing or more, than the business itself and I’m so thankful I felt the call to start CüffBaby.

I’m sure if you read the blog you’ll learn way more than you ever wanted to know about me so I’ll move onto the other players.




Fox: The Hubs | Daddy

First, I should tell you that my mother in law did not name my husband Fox, but he IS a fox and so that’s what I’m calling him.

I’m not sure how I scored this guy, but I’m so thankful I did. Fox grew up in Arizona and moved to Southern California in his early 20s. He is strong and steady, sweet and dependable. He is disciplined. He cares about justice. He is a hard worker. He’s a provider and a protector. He is quiet in big groups. He is constantly surrounded by crowds of people at work and so when he’s not working, he loves being home or in small groups of friends. He’s silly and fun but not everyone gets to see those sides, so I feel lucky that I do.

He would do anything to protect the people he cares about. He loves even when he’s been hurt by the people he’s loving. He makes sure to look Jett and I in the eyes every day and tell us that he loves us.

He is good and he pays attention to those around him. There have been so many times when someone has needed help around us and I was too rushed or sleep deprived to notice, but he noticed, and he always helps. Twice it’s been a woman being pushed around by a man and he stepped in to help her. It’s been the young driver who just got into an accident on the freeway in the pouring rain. He pulled off the road so we were in a safe spot, then risked his own safety and ran across the freeway at night in the rain so he could help her get her damaged car out of harm’s way. It’s been the person sitting in the corner of the patio outside a coffee shop trying to keep warm and he quietly disappeared to go get them a warm lunch. It’s been our lonely neighbor, a widow with no family near by, who he visits several times a week. He buys her cozy pajamas so she won’t be cold at night, and he takes her to and from doctor’s appointments. And there are others. I admire him so much for being present and loving towards people who would otherwise go unseen.



Jett: The Babe | Miracle

This little guy… I tear up just thinking about how thankful I am for him. He is our gift from God and is so special. He makes life fun and meaningful in ways I never knew possible before him.

He is absolute JOY! He’s a total extrovert and everywhere we go, we make friends! He talks to everyone about everything. He invites strangers over to play. He is endless energy. He is never afraid to try new things.

He is obsessed with ear lobes! He is always squishing mine or daddy’s or Gom’s. Whenever he is tired, squish. When he gets hurt, squish. If he’s sad, squish. Every time I pick him up, squish.

He loves people, pets, superheroes, legos, sports and Disneyland. He does not like beans.

If there is music, he is dancing, even if he’s the only one moving in a sea of stiff people. I am amazed by him daily. I hope these things about him never change. I pray the world never stifles his joyful spirit in a way that would keep him from dancing every time he hears a tune.

This little man LOVES babies and kids and he really wants a little brother or sister to love and help take care of and grow up with. He would make the best big brother and we’re trying to make it happen!



GomGom: The Mom | Grandma

I’m including my mom and Jett’s grandma on this page because we see her almost every day and she’s in a lot of our stories!

Gom is the grandma every kid wants and should have. She’s fun and over-the-top and will out-decorate anyone in the world. She gives out way too many treats. She’s an artist in the truest sense of the word. I remember getting so embarrassed when I was growing up because we’d be driving to school and she’d pull stuff straight out of other people’s trash that she had a vision for. She would always end up turning it into some crazy awesome unbelievable creation that people would gawk at.

She’s been through some tough times in life and has taught me to turn to God in those times. I’m not sure if it’s nature or nurture, but either way, she’s to thank for my ability to survive on very little sleep. She has a big heart and will do anything for her people. She lives just down the road and she has a special bond with Jett as a result of all the time and love she’s given him. We are so thankful she’s such an important part of our lives.

We have a lot of other awesome family who we love and is important to us and I may add more people to this list later if they’d like but for now we’ll stick with these 3 I see most!

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