Camp Create

Crafts with Gom

July 31 – August 4 | 1 – 4pm |
Ages: 7-14 | Cost: $100 — Gom is my mom and Jett’s grandma who just happens to be the most creative person on the planet!! She’s put together 5 fun and amazing crafts and we will run this one together. It’s sure to be an amazing week!

Sublimation Station

July 31 – August 4 | 9am – 12pm | Ages: 7-14 | Cost: $100 — This camp will focus on teaching students how to use sublimation to bring their drawings and designs to life! Every day they’ll create a new design and sublimate it onto something. By the end of the week they’ll have a collection of handmade goodies to take home, including a keychain, mouse pad, tee, zipper pouch and mug.

Shirt Shack

July 17-21 | 1pm – 4pm | Ages: 7-14 | Cost: $100 — TEE up for some fun!
We’ll be busting out a new t-shirt every day of this camp week! Each day we’ll learn a new technique and students will walk away with 5 new t-shirts that they’ve made themselves!

Crazy for Cricut

July 17-21 | 9am – 12pm | Ages: 7-14 | Cost: $100 — This week will be all about Cricut goodness! We’ll do a different cricut project every day using different materials throughout the week. If your artist has taken the digital painting class, that will come in handy this week


July 10-14 | 9am – 12pm | Ages: 7-14 | Cost: $100 — During this co-ed craft camp, artists will learn all about working with leather. We will go over different types of leathers and what types of projects each is good for. We’ll practice prepping and working with a few different types of leather in different types of projects.

Metal Stamping & Jewelry Making

June 26-30 | 1 – 4pm | Ages: 7-14 |
Cost: $100 — This camp is a hands-on craft course that will teach your young maker skills to make handmade jewelry using metal stamping! This is a co-ed class so jewelry options will include both masculine & feminine styles.

Digital Painting

Landscapes: June 26-30 | 9am-12pm | Life Forms: July 10-14 | 1pm – 4pm | Ages: 7-14 | Cost: $100 —
In this daycamp, we’ll be teaching artists how to create digital paintings using an iPad & the app Procreate!

This camp is so versatile and kids can use what they learn here in most of the other camps for a more rich experience.